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Distressed Real Estate Data

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Distressed Real Estate Data

Full Foreclosure and Distressed Property Listing Database Access for only $300 per month!

A La Carte Property and Lien Information. Inquire through Rob Just.

Proceeds go towards our Community Outreach Program, and maintaining and improving the database.

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What is Real Estate Property Data?

Real Property listings of a Notice of Default that has been advertised by a lien holder = Foreclosure notices sent to property owners, advertised in a publication by lien holders. Full access gives you Mapping, Property Info, Street View, Foreclosure Sale Date, Market Value, Amount Due, Expiration Date and more…

How do I access and pay?

Go to Just Realty Properties to estalish an account.

Right now the only way to pay is through Pay Pal.

How often is the data updated?

Currently publisized NOD’s are uploaded on a weekly basis. Most of the time you can find yesterday’s NOD’s, today.

Properties average around 110 Pre-Foreclosures, and 800+ that are in-foreclosure, could be in the redemption period, or didn’t sell but the redemption period has not expired.

Can I share the data with others?

If you are sharing to help the property owners, than yes, please feel free to share. But please ask the person you are sharing with, if they can sign up for their own account. We work hard to offer this, it is rare data, only $300 per month, and proceeds go towards helping our community.

If you are an investor or a Realtor, same as above, and you can share the information, but that may result in more competitors for you. Do what is right and things may go well for you.

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Additional Benefits of a Monthly Subscription:

Partnership with Rob Just

A La Carte Property title and lien information – pay per request

Sponsor our Message of Hope

Sponsor Door Hangers and Face to Face front step interactions with property owners

Community Outreach Program

Just Realty is a Family Business and our family believes we are called to be Christ-like in all we do.

We use Prayer, Service, and Messages of Hope to help our neighbors facing foreclosure and living in distress.

You can help by sponsoring our Message of Hope, and subscribing to our Database.

Help us reach our goal of 1,000 subscribers – Share this with your Family!

Just Believe!

Invest in Our Community

We are looking for fellow Christian sponsors to help spread our Messages of Hope. We reach over 400 neighbors living in distress with one mailing!

Help us reach our goal of 1,000 subscribers by sharing our Family Business with your Family.

Invest in the Community Through our Family Business.

Thank you all for the support throughout the past 20+ years!

The Just Family.

Do You Need Help?

Call or Text Rob Just: (612) 703-3814