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The WRMH Foundation

A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization


Offering Housing Related Products & Services at Wholesale Pricing and Free Essential Needs.

Just Realty

A Principled & Local Real Estate Brokerage Since 2003

QF Lawn & Landscape

Natural Maintenance & Improvement

Just Construction

Property Development & Safety Since 1975

Just Real Estate Care

Just Real Estate Care

Analyzing Real Property and Small Business Data

The Real Property Data we source provides us with a variety of opportunities to help deed holders realize Solutions for their specific situation.

The Business Ownership database allows us to offer businesses Solutions for establishing and expanding their positive influence in the community.

Just Real Estate Care, along with organizations we partner with, offer Solutions for Property Owners, Business Owners, and the Communities we serve. 

What Really Matters Here

A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization


What Really Matters Here is the Foundation of Just Real Estate Care. All net profits from the Just REC Companies are given to The WRMH Foundation.

The WRMH Foundation provides direct assistance to people who can no longer afford or maintain their current living situation that include physical or financial difficulties. That assistance takes many forms, including providing essential needs, cash, help with housing transitions and care to those struggling with mental and physical capacities.

If you need help with anything, please contact us today.


Rob Just and Dr. Chrissy Just are Principal & Owners

What Really Matters Here? 

The Solutions Store

The Solutions Store Offers Housing Related Products & Services at Wholesale Pricing and Free Essential Needs.

Products are available at our E-Commerce Store and in-person at our Showroom in Shorewood, Minnesota.

Net Profits from all sales are donated to The WRMH Foundation.

  • Quality Personal Property
    • Authorized Berkey Filters Dealer!
  • Wholesale Real Estate Investments & Services
  • Lawn & Landscape Services & Products
  • Construction Services & Products

Rob Just & Dr. Chrissy Just are the Owners & Investors.

Just Realty

Principled & Local Since 2003.

Just Realty analyzes and originates distressed property, probates, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, wholesale Real Property investment opportunities and is a Full Service Residential and Commercial Real Estate Company.

Just Realty donates all net profits to The WRMH Foundation. Real Property donated to WRMH is managed or sold by Just Realty.

Rob Just is the Broker and Sole Owner.

Download our Distressed Property App:

QF Lawn & Landscape Services

Full Service Real Estate Property Care


QF is now part of Just Real Estate Care! Our current focus is providing weekly full service lawn care, snow removal, and supporting our clients within Just REC. We offer a full line of services and products:

    • Landscape Products For Sale
    • Lawn Maintenance & Irrigation
    • Spring & Fall Lawn Clean Ups & Leaf Removal
    • Snow Removal
    • Landscaping Projects
    • Tree Care
    • Material Delivery
    • Interior House Clean outs

Seasonal Sale On Now!


Real Estate Care with QF & Just Construction includes Whole House Interior & Exterior Clean outs, Property Maintenance, Remodeling, Building, Design, Consulting, Development, Product Sales, and more.

Net Profits are donated to The WRMH Foundation.


Rob Just and Eddie Flores are Partners.

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Just Construction

Property Development & Safety Since 1975


The Just Family has worked in Residential and Commercial Construction since 1975. We have built homes, sprinkled commercial buildings, replaced roofs, built furniture, moved dirt with heavy machinery, purchase and sell quality equipment & tools, GC’d many projects, and referred many more to reputable contractors.


Rob Just has been in the Construction Industry since 1994.


Our focus is efficient development of property in our neighborhoods, while providing quality and affordable Real Estate Construction services and products.

All Net Profits are donated to The WRMH Foundation.


Rob Just is the Builder & Owner.

Products For SaleServices Offered

The Just REC Organization

21195 Minnetonka Blvd. Shorewood, MN

A message from Rob Just, CEO of Just REC:

Welcome, and thank you for supporting our non-profit foundation, What Really Matters Here. WRMH is the foundation for Just Real Estate Care. All Net profits from companies within Just REC are donated to The WRMH Foundation. With these donations, we provide direct assistance to people who are struggling with their current living situation. We analyze property owners and business owners and offer solutions and care, using our Real Estate related services, WRMH’s private and public resources and partners, and through my wife’s Family Medicine Practice at her hometown clinic in Bloomington. Through our research, we find many people who are facing difficult situations, and they need help and support.

Our efforts to improve the community are broad and extensive, but it all originates with our in-depth research of property and business owners. We find one person, family or business who needs help, and then we provide solutions for their specific situation. We can help our community members address difficult lien’s when they are selling and buying. We provide essential needs like gas cards or grocery gift card. We help with housing transitions. We provide assistance to neighbors struggling with mental or physical capacities, just to name a few. Real Life examples can be found directly below this message.

We want to help you make the most from your next property sale or property donation. We help purchase property at a discount and provide opportunities to learn more about the business owners in our community. We can help you transition to a new home or maintain your current home. Our expertise can help you realize the solutions that are out there for you, when you think you might be out of good options. With our private and public resources, and our Real Property and Doctoral Care, we are able to help with just about any situation.

We are building a healthy community that strives to remain principled and just in everything we do. Every effort is given to do what is best for our neighbors, our family, relatives, and friends. We Fear God, not each other. We invite you to be a part of our community. Be with us in our home, at our office, in our neighborhoods, helping our neighbors. Become a partner with us. Together, we won’t forget what really matters.

​Thank you again, for your support,

Rob Just

Our investment company, Just Solutions, purchased a property from a terminally ill homeowner; cash deal, as-is, a quick close, hassle free, honest dealings, so that portion of the estate is arranged for her family. We then resold that property at a wholesale price, after making many improvements, to a growing family. I am now a business partner with that family, helping them expand their positive influence in our community. And, that company is now part of Just REC: QF Lawn & Landscape. Net profits from QF are donated to The WRMH Foundation.

A Vietnam Vet, and now a friend, Jay, needed to sell his home, needed help finding a new place to live, needed help moving, then didn’t have much when he moved there. Just Realty provided him an investor with $35,000 in cash for his home, plus paid off outstanding debts. Without this help, he was set to lose his home to the bank. The Solutions Store resold the deed on the wholesale market and donated the net profits to WRHM. SolutionsStore.net sold a few household items that Jay didn’t want anymore. It wasn’t much in this case, $50 profit, which was donated to WRHM. From these profits, The WRMH Foundation was able to provide him with the basics for his new place, helped him move, and continues to support him today with phone calls, meeting him at his club, and hopefully finding him a more permanent place to live.

Grant Dr, Eden Prairie

Homeowner was severely depressed. Rob Just provided him with cash in order to make a car payment to the bank so they wouldn’t repossess the car the next day, which was all he had left. I saved his home from foreclosure, helped ease his debts from past liabilities. Helped mend his relationship with his Father. All of this was monumental positive change for this young mans life and it gave him a new start.

We have many, many more examples but I think you get the idea: We search for people who need serious help. Then we help them. The more you use our services and products, the more we can help…

Just Real Estate Care is active in our community, finding people who need help.


How can you help?:

Use our Services and Products offered by the companies within Just Real Estate Care. Profits from every company within Just REC are donated to WRMH.  For Example:

– One house “flip” by Just Construction, on average, is a $2,000 donation: Sell us your home. 

– One sold listing by Just Realty is an estimated $500 donation: Let us list your home. 

– 85 lawns to cut each week, and driveways to plow, by QF Lawn & Landscape, makes for a great reoccurring donation: Let us be your full service property care company.

You can tell others how we are making a difference.

Or help by donating items, your time and gifts. 

Donate your Property, Just Realty can manage it as an affordable property for a neighbor in need, or sell it on the MLS.

Purchase items from our E-commerce store and at our Showroom.

Please stop by the Showroom and office anytime to explore other ways to partner. 

Together, we can do more! 

Just Real Estate Care Business Data


Community Business Information

We analyze business owners in our community.

At JustReal.Info you can explore our growing database of local business information.

If you would like further information on a specific real property, property owner or a business owner, please Contact Us.

The Business Ownership database allows us to offer businesses Solutions for establishing and expanding their positive influence in the community.

Just Real Info

Real Community Information

The Truth About What Really Matters Here.

Wide Ranging Topics, Just Facts.

Living Trinity of Life

“We have been lied to our entire existence. Told to break up and not discuss Religion, Politics, and Business at the same time. These three pillars are crucial to our living Trinity of life. Our Political Leaders should hole our Spiritual / Religious Values and we should only attempt to support businesses / institutions that align with our Values / Beliefs.

It’s not going to be easy, but we can unentangle incongruent aspects of our lives and restore this natural order of things.”

Above is a quote from Bobby Piton on a latest dream of his from “The Greatest Book Ever”: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit is literal and figurative. https://t.me/bobbypiton/1321

I can do better

It’s up to me to be a more faithful person, better husband, happier father and a better friend. I can do better and I will. Thank you Lord for leading me.


I’m 43 today and couldn’t be happier. I have a beautiful wife, 2 excellent children, a supporting family and actually some friends left. Thanks be to God for all of our blessings! And thank you all for your support.

Rob Just

Losing Fear and Finding Faith

I love this clip: A caveman coming up with his first idea, ever. Finally starting to lose the fear that he’s lived with his entire life and finding faith in himself, looks like it hurts, at first. Think Big, It’ll be Fun!:



From “Victory…”:

“I truly believe God has chosen us to be strong at this time, and by digging, understanding, (emotionally) absorbing and then re-packaging and sharing our truths to anyone who is ready to hear…. we have become wiser, braver and stronger through this journey together“.


“It’s time for the sleeper to wake. It’s time for the old winds to change. I hear the Spirit say, It’s Time”.

Find your own source

We recently deleted Netflix, Disney +, Prime, HBO Max, and we haven’t had cable or any news channels for years. We are adding good, wholesome, faith based apps, like “Up”, Hallmark, and watching shows like “The Chosen”.

Find a trustworthy source to get the real news, get rid of the evil platforms.

You are here! Read one post a day, spend the rest of your time sharing your time and sharing authentic information… https://justrealty.net/justreal/


Have you noticed a change?

There has been a massive effort to change our “programing”. Beware of the evil that surrounds us. Some are aware, most aren’t. Knowledge leads to Understanding. Understanding leads to Wisdom. And Wisdom is Supreme.

Affordable Housing From Just Realty

We supply our community with affordable housing. Every property that we source for an investor or will purchase, is acquired at a steep discount from its real market value.

Our latest property is in Minnetonka at 14619 Oakwood Rd. We will clean it out and update it to make it livable, with an asking price of $399,000. The current estimated market value is $588,600 with a maximum range AVM of $771,066. Purchase it from Just Solutions, off market, and pay even less, $390,000, with no buying Realtor commissions.

What Really Matters Here:

Affordable Housing.

Equity in a property.

Financial security.

Debt & Foreclosure

#WRMH in MN 

We save people’s homes. Well, at least the equity in their homes. Most of our clients are in a financial crisis by the time they reach us. In 2018 there were 3,495 foreclosures in Minnesota.* In 2008, the peak of foreclosures here, there were around 26,000! I had one of those homes and was lucky enough to have only one.

I was blindsided by the housing crisis in 2006. One year I had a property with $400k of equity, according to the latest appraisal, the next year it was upside down and I was sleeping on a couch at a triplex in uptown. That was the same year I met my wife, turned out to be one of the best years of my life!

The average amount of debt per person keeps rising each year. Another crisis is here, again of our own doing. I am able to help many homeowners make the most out a financial crisis by leveraging the foreclosure process. Believe it or not, there is sometimes a positive to the foreclosure process. Many times we are able to pay off all of the debt attached to the homes title, giving our client a fresh start!

What Really Matters Here   @RobJustRealty   JustRealty.net

Wondering how you can help? Shoot me an email: rob@JustRealty.net


Download our "Available To Purchase" App Today.

An App featuring properties that were available to purchase and may be available to the public market soon.


Principled & Local Since 2003.

We source the following types of properties: Foreclosed or Pre-foreclosures, inherited, deteriorated, Medical liens, property with multiple liens and difficult title situations, unwanted properties, multiple judgements and bankruptcy and other related scenarios.

Please let me know if we can help anyone in your neighborhood. Simply send me the address and we will begin our research process; rob@JustRealty.net.

Available To Purchase Off Market

Financial Security with Just Realty

Within our specialization, we help our clients and partners reach their goals of financial security through selling and purchasing deteriorated or unwanted properties. Our team prospects the community, helping those in need, sourcing properties for sale and for purchase. We then assist in clearing title for purchase, repairing, updating and reselling these properties As-Is, Wholesale and on the MLS Markets.

After living in my home for 60 years, I needed to sell it fast, and find someone I could trust to help me. I trusted Rob Just

Jay, Vietnam Vet from St Louis Park
More Testimonials

Up against a serious deadline, Rob Just and Just Realty were able to save my equity of over $90,000 and help me rebuild my future. I trusted Rob Just

Homeowner, Victoria MN
More Testimonials

Are You Ready To Sell?

We can list your property on the MLS immediately.

We have investors who can close on your home as quickly as tomorrow, is some cases.

We can sell your home for highest value in any condition.

Traditional Sale, Cash, Partnership, whatever solution is best for you!

Just Companies Owners, Partners & Operators

Rob Just

Eddie & Maria Flores

Eddie Quirval

Dr. Christina Stavig

Ashley Gorman

Are You Purchasing A Property?

We have homes to purchase in any condition; off-market, wholesale, needing major updates, minor updates, or fully remodeled.

Download our “Just Realty – Available To Purchase App” from an App store to see available properties.


Call Me Before You Buy. Call Me Before You Sell.

You will be happy that you did and zero obligation, Rob Just.

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6892 Cambridge Rd. Shakopee MN - Discounted Commission by Just Realty

6892 Cambridge Rd, Shakopee, Minnesota 55379

This is a discounted Facilitators Listing by Just Realty. To learn more about our discounted listing service, go to our store @ SolutionsStore.net.Just Realty donates at least 5% of commissions to our Foundation, WRMH. By simply using our professional services at Just REC, you are helping our neighbors who are struggling with their current living situation.
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    Just Realty is a full service Real Estate Brokerage in Minnesota, established in 2003 and located in Minnetonka. Rob Just is the Owner and Broker.

    Just Solutions is a wholesale store that sells interest in property, fine personal property and other fine items for sale at a wholesale price. 

    A Non-Profit who helps those in our community that can no longer afford or maintain their current living situation.

    WRMH is funded by Just Realty and the products acquired and sold by Just Solutions.

    Just Data is the foundation of the company. A unique database that supports all of our platforms, provides leads for our prospectors and resells vetted prospects. Highlights are the many applications we use and our Just Realty ATP app.

    We purchase unwanted property, bad debt, fine personal property and many other opportunities within the Real Estate and Construction Industry. Need to sell, want to sell? Call Rob Just now: (612) 703-3814.

    A Minnesota Real Estate Brokerage #20420410
    Properties are provided courtesy of the Regional MLS of Minnesota, Inc., Broker Reciprocity Database. “© 2021 Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Inc. All rights reserved.” Legends Group Realty, Inc. is DBA: Just Realty Rob Just is a licensed real estate broker and does NOT represent you as your agent unless we mutually sign a representation agreement. Neither Rob Just nor Just Realty is an attorney, and does not offer legal or tax advice. You are encouraged to seek competent legal advice regarding any real estate transaction or document prior to signing or entering into an agreement. No guarantees on property condition, availability, price or reciprocity commission on properties not listed on the MLS. Any offer for real estate or personal property contained herein is subject to a full inspection of the property by Rob Just, Just Realty, or its duly appointed representative.