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The Just REC Organization

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A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization


WRMH is the foundation of Just Real Estate Care. The WRMH Foundation provides direct assistance to people who can no longer afford or maintain their current living situations that include mental, physical or financial difficulties. That assistance takes many forms, including providing essential needs, cash, help with housing transitions and immediate care.


WRMH is funded by You, through your use of our Real Estate Care services and donations.


We are building a healthy community that supports our neighbors. Our actions matter, and we strive to remain principled and just in everything we do. Every effort is given to be consistently present with our Family, our relatives, neighbors and friends. We Fear God, not each other. What Really Matters Here?


If you need help with anything, please contact us.


Donate now to help our neighbors.

Donations are 100% deductible.

The Solutions Store

We Offer Quality Services and Quality Products at Wholesale Pricing.

Products are available at our E-Commerce Store and in-person at our Showroom in Shorewood, Minnesota.


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Free Essential Needs From

Essential Needs for those in Need.

Go to for more information about how we can help you or your neighbor.

Lawn & Landscape with QF

Natural Maintenance & Improvements. QF Lawn Services & Just Realty. Established in 2003, located in Shorewood, MN.

Real Property For Sale

Real Estate, Land, Agreements, Deeds, Partnerships, Leads and more. Just Realty, established in 2003, located in Shorewood, MN.

Personal Property For Sale

Quality Personal Property & Health Products at Wholesale Pricing.

Purchase at our Office or on our E-Commerce Store.

Construction Services & Products

Quality Building Products and Services from local partners and Just Construction. Established in 2007, located in Shorewood, MN.

Just Realty

Principled & Local Since 2003.

The primary focus at Just Realty is to help property owners who can no longer afford, maintain or sell their property. We provide our clients real solutions to sell their property to our investors at Just Solutions or on the MLS.

The majority of our seller side clients own properties with very difficult title situations that make it impossible to sell the property on the public markets. Using our experience and our industry partners, we implement processes which allow Just Realty to resell these “troubled properties” on the public market.

These processes provide opportunity for our buying side clients to purchase discounted properties, while improving the neighborhoods in which the properties reside with our development strategies at Just Construction.

QF Lawn & Landscape Services

QF Landscape is a full service landscape and lawn care company based in Minnetonka & Shorewood, MN.
    • Fully integrated with The Just REC Organization.
    • Owned and operated by Eddie and Maria Flores with Partner, Rob Just.
    • Specializing in property maintenance and natural property improvements.

Seasonal Sale On Now!

Just Construction

Residential and Commercial Building and Remodeling. Established in 2007.
    • Fully integrated with The Just REC Organization.
    • Owned by Rob Just, with over 30 years in the Industry.
    • Specializing in property development, neighborhood improvement and increasing community wealth.

The Just REC Organization

21195 Minnetonka Blvd. Shorewood, MN

A message from Rob Just, CEO of Just REC: We are building an Organization that helps us maintain focus on what really matters here. Our Organization supports those in our community who need help. We can help with just about any situation by using our Real Estate related services, WRMH’s private and public resources, our partners, and through my wife’s Family Medicine Practice at her hometown clinic in Bloomington. We are asking if you want to be a partner with us in supporting our community. We encounter many people who are in difficult situations, and they need your help and support.

One of our primary goals is to keep people in homes they can afford and provide our community with affordable housing. We provide advice on maintaining one’s current living situation. We help our community members address difficult lien’s when they are selling and buying. One example is when our investment store purchased a property from a terminal homeowner, in cash, as-is, a quick close, hassle free, honest dealings, so that portion of the estate is arranged for her family. We then resold that property at a wholesale price, with many improvements, to a growing family…

We have helped thousands of our neighbors and help more each day. The Real Estate related stories at further illustrate how we can help. But that is just the beginning! With our private and public resources, we are able to help with just about any situation…

We are building a healthy community where our actions matter. We strive to remain principled and just in everything we do. Every effort is given to be consistently present with our Family, our relatives, neighbors and friends. We Fear God, not each other. What Really Matters Here?

We invite you to be a part of our community. Be with us in our home, at our warehouse and showroom, in our neighborhoods, on the front porch… Become a partner with us. We can do so much more together.

​Rob Just, CEO of Just REC.

Coming Soon: Teachers For Skippers

A Support Group For Minnetonka School District Teachers

4 main objectives:

    1. Support the teachers of the Minnetonka school district.
    2. Local Business Partnerships.
    3. Accounting, Parent Relations & District Relations.
    4. Provide accurate current events to our community.

Just Real Blog


From “Victory...”: “I truly believe God has chosen us to be strong at this time, and by digging, understanding, (emotionally) absorbing and then re-packaging and sharing our...

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“It’s time for the sleeper to wake. It’s time for the old winds to change. I hear the Spirit say, It’s Time”.

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Principled & Local Since 2003.

We source the following types of properties: Foreclosed or Pre-foreclosures, inherited, deteriorated, Medical liens, property with multiple liens and difficult title situations, unwanted properties, multiple judgements and bankruptcy and other related scenarios.

Please let me know if we can help anyone in your neighborhood. Simply send me the address and we will begin our research process;

Download our "Available To Purchase" App Today.

An App featuring properties that were available to purchase and may be available to the public market soon.


Financial Security with Just Realty

Within our specialization, we help our clients and partners reach their goals of financial security through selling and purchasing deteriorated or unwanted properties. Our team prospects the community, helping those in need, sourcing properties for sale and for purchase. We then assist in clearing title for purchase, repairing, updating and reselling these properties As-Is, Wholesale and on the MLS Markets.

After living in my home for 60 years, I needed to sell it fast, and find someone I could trust to help me. I trusted Rob Just

Jay, Vietnam Vet from St Louis Park
More Testimonials

Up against a serious deadline, Rob Just and Just Realty were able to save my equity of over $90,000 and help me rebuild my future. I trusted Rob Just

Homeowner, Victoria MN
More Testimonials

Are You Ready To Sell?

We can list your property on the MLS immediately.

We have investors who can close on your home as quickly as tomorrow, is some cases.

We can sell your home for highest value in any condition.

Traditional Sale, Cash, Partnership, whatever solution is best for you!

Just Companies Owners, Partners & Operators

Rob Just

Eddie & Maria Flores

Eddie Quirval

Dr. Christina Stavig

Ashley Gorman

Are You Purchasing A Property?

We have homes to purchase in any condition; off-market, wholesale, needing major updates, minor updates, or fully remodeled.

Download our “Just Realty – Available To Purchase App” from an App store to see available properties.


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Zero obligation and you will be happy that you did, Rob Just.

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    Just Realty is a full service Real Estate Brokerage in Minnesota, established in 2003 and located in Minnetonka. Rob Just is the Owner and Broker.

    Just Solutions is a wholesale store that sells interest in property, fine personal property and other fine items for sale at a wholesale price. 

    A Non-Profit who helps those in our community that can no longer afford or maintain their current living situation.

    WRMH is funded by Just Realty and the products acquired and sold by Just Solutions.

    Just Data is the foundation of the company. A unique database that supports all of our platforms, provides leads for our prospectors and resells vetted prospects. Highlights are the many applications we use and our Just Realty ATP app.

    We purchase unwanted property, bad debt, fine personal property and many other opportunities within the Real Estate and Construction Industry. Need to sell, want to sell? Call Rob Just now: (612) 703-3814.

    A Minnesota Real Estate Brokerage #20420410
    Properties are provided courtesy of the Regional MLS of Minnesota, Inc., Broker Reciprocity Database. “© 2017 Regional Multiple Listing Service of Minnesota, Inc. All rights reserved.” Legends Group Realty, Inc. is DBA: Just Realty Rob Just is a licensed real estate broker and does NOT represent you as your agent unless we mutually sign a representation agreement. Neither Rob Just nor Just Realty is an attorney, and does not offer legal or tax advice. You are encouraged to seek competent legal advice regarding any real estate transaction or document prior to signing or entering into an agreement. No guarantees on property condition, availability, price or reciprocity commission on properties not listed on the MLS. Any offer for real estate or personal property contained herein is subject to a full inspection of the property by Northern Value Group, LLC or its duly appointed representative.