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A Full Service Residential and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage established in 2003. Owned by Rob Just. 

My Primary Purpose in the Real Estate Industry is to Help Our Neighbors Who are Living in a Distressed Property Environment.

Search My Property Database to Find Property Owners In Your Neighborhood Who Need Help.

My Database Creates Public Aware of the Vast Number of Our Neighbors Who are Living in a Distressed Property Environment.

I Have Helped Thousands In Our Community With Their Distressed Properties. Please Join Me.  

Just Realty Presents

Together, We Can Help Our Neighbor:

Use My Data to Help Your Neighbor.


  • The Data at JustRealty.net primarily consists of Distressed Property: Pre-Foreclosure, Foreclosure, Multiple Liens, etc.

You Can Start By Searching Our Database and Find a Neighbor In Your Community That You Can Help.

Knock on their door and let them know you are here to help with their [Distressed] Living Situation.

  • If they don’t answer, leave a note and continue to form a relationship with them each week.
  • We have research information about their situation and notes you can download here.
  • If you need help forming the relationship, I can help you. I’ve knocked on thousands of doors and I know how to help.

Direct them to our Non-Profit “What Really Matters Here”, at WRMH.org. And have them call or text me, Rob Just, at (612) 703-3814.


  • We Want to Help Our Neighbors Stay In Their Homes For as Long as Possible. Visit Our 501(c)3 Non-Profit to Learn More, WRMH.org.


View Our “How To Help…” Guide To Learn More About Distressed Property and the Foreclosure Process.

Find Your Neighbor and Help Them

There Are More Neighbors Living in a Distressed Situation Than You Realize:
  • Foreclosures
  • Pre-Forclosurres
  • Unwanted Properties
  • Deteriorated
  • Abandoned
  • Inherited Properties
  • Real Estate Owned
  • Multiple Liens
  • Medical Liens, And More…
Help More Property Owners:

The Properties listed on our database are primarily in a distressed state and thoroughly vetted, with property details, and available owner information.

Other properties listed include Investor Owned that I have purchased, or property that other investors have purchased and are looking to resell on the Wholesale Market.

Start Your Search Now, and Start Helping Your Neighbors Today!



Rob Just

I Do What Is Best For the Property Owner.

Many people are facing unexpected living environments. I help people in their specific environment, and do what is best for them, all of the time.

About Rob Just – Owner & Broker

Just Lending, llc


Distressed Property Consulting

  • Just Lending LLC & our 501c3, What Really Matters Here, work together to provide the best solutions for people living in a distressed environment.

This partnership is our primary focus. I find the best solutions for our clients by using the companies within our organization, which allows me to provide immediate assistance to anyone.


I Provide Investor Lending Options

  • Originate Hard Money Loans, or Remodel Fix Up Loans, to investors and builders.


  • Work directly with other lenders by purchasing their products or position on title.


  • Broker home loans, 2nd mortgages and consult with equipment loans and other types of lending.


In Addition, I Offer Owners Lending Options


  • Broker Purchase and Refinance products and provide qualified buyers the opportunity to present “Cash Offers” to purchase qualified properties.
Apply Now - Distressed & Traditional Property

If you are in a distressed property, purchasing, remodeling or refinancing an owner occupied residential property, please complete the form below and Rob Just will contact you from (612) 703-3814 and Rob@JustRec.org.

Apply Now - Investors
If you have a seller purchase, need remodel funds or financing for an investment property, please complete the form below and Rob Just will contact you from (612) 703-3814 and Rob@JustRec.org

What Really Matters Here?

A Real Estate Company That Reinvests in Our Community.


100% of the profits earned by Rob Just and Just Realty are donated to What Really Matters Here, our 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. 


WRMH is Owned and Operated by Rob & Dr. Chrissy Just.


Just Realty is Part of Just Real Estate Care



Just Construction and QF Lawn & Landscape

Products and Services for your Property Ownership & Sales


Real Estate – Consulting – Building – Lawn Care – Landscape – Building Products – Wholesale Services – Equipment

Property Development & Safety Since 1975.


Contact Rob Just to Purchase or Sell Real Property.


Distressed Properties can be found HERE and are also listed on our custom Distressed Property App:





What Really Matters Here?

A Real Estate Company that reinvests in our Community

100% of the profits earned by Just Realty are donated to What Really Matters Here.


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