The name for our Foundation; “What Really Matters Here”, originated during the beginnings of “coronavirus”, when our local leaders were canceling church, healthcare, school, jobs, our community, our actual livelihoods, and kept them canceled. Our leaders chose to destroy our livelihoods and hid the realities of What Really Matters Here with the evils of fear. From the very beginnings I tried to tell anyone I could, this message: What Really Matters Here, is more important than a virus which was clearly not harmful to the majority of our population. I quickly came to realize my own limitations, that my influence is, well, I don’t have any…

So, we started a foundation that will (God willing) never stop providing services to our community. We will help lead our community out of the fear that has encompassed it, with our good works and fearless actions. I (Rob Just) have been on the streets, in our neighbors homes, trying to help those who can no longer afford or maintain their current living conditions. We are supporting many, providing warehouse space, started a discount store, donating essential needs. Chrissy is the ultimate leader and we are all fortunate to have her in our community. She never stopped providing for us, caring for her patients, leading her clinic, portraying health and loving so many.

We can help others out of their slumber, get back to reality, and refocus on What Really Matters Here. Regain your livelihood, do not fear the evil.

As for me and my family, we started back in April of 2020, living without fear of a virus, providing an escape for others, showing hope, caring for all, supporting many, and portraying a (somewhat) healthy lifestyle. And we will continue to fear only one thing, our Lord.

Rob Just

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