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On August 29th my wife Chrissy (Dr. Stavig) ran 6 hours to raise money for FANS!

FANS stand for: Furthering Achievement Through a Network of Support. It is a college and career mentorship program for high school students, specifically working with students of color, recent immigrants, and other groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education. This was Chrissy’s 7th year running, I believe.

With the support of Just Realty and Just Solutions, WRMH was able to give $300 towards this noble cause. The Foundations very first monetary donation! God willing, the first of very many.

Because of “The Fear”, this event was “virtual”. As usual we made the best out of it, had a fun time setting up an “aid station” on our driveway, kids got to run a few laps, some family and neighbors came. Pool was open for a morning swim…

Thank you all for the support!

More about FANS can be found here: https://fansultraraces.org/AboutFANS

See here for a post on “The Fear”: https://www.wrmh.org/blogs/post/what-really-matters-here-fear-no-more