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What is your Religion?

Is your Religion real? This is an excerpt from a column today by Jason Whitlock on outkick.com. Definitely worth the quick read:

“Inside the Matrix created by Silicon Valley-controlled social-media apps, systemic racism rules the National Football League, same as it does the United States of America. In the real world created by our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, systemic evolution rules the NFL and the USA… In my (Jason Whitlock’s) columns, I repeatedly keep mentioning what defines my worldview — Christianity, my religious faith.  In the column I wrote about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, I argued that racism (an obsession with race) is America’s new religion. “


What Really Matters Here?

My (Rob Just’s) worldview is based on something real, something that is love; Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit. My Faith is in a God who emulates passion, patience, kindness, self control, love, hope. Most of our church’s may (Still!) be closed and abandoning the community they serve, but the Love of Jesus has not abandoned us. It’s all around us! We are in our community to help those who need it most.

More from Whitlock’s column today:

Football is my favorite sport. The game explains America. Difficult. Masculine. Violent. Cruel. Inclusive. Rewarding. Risky. Fair. Evolving.

Carl Peterson, the former longtime general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, was fond of saying that the only constant in football was change. Football requires and rewards evolution. So does America.

Forty-two years ago, the NFL ignored Washington quarterback Warren Moon on draft day, banishing him to start what would become a Hall of Fame career in Canada.

At its inception, football operated on a core belief that black men lacked the intellectual heft and leadership qualities necessary to play quarterback. At its inception, our country defined black people as three-fifths of a human being.

The systemic evolution that is endemic to our culture explains Barack Obama’s rise to the presidency and the $503 million contract Patrick Mahomes signed Mondayto play quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs……. https://outkick.com/patrick-mahomes-evolution-contrasts-colin-kaepernick-racism/