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Just Realty Provides Real Estate Solutions For Our Neighborhood

At Just Realty we help our clients avoid foreclosure and pay off debt.

We resell and donate quality personal items to those in need. We resell interest in properties on the wholesale market. Go to our store, “Just Warehouse”, for donating, buying and reselling opportunities.

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Personal stories from Rob Just, experiences in the foreclosure industry and supporting data, to highlight what matter here in Minnesota. @RobJustRealty


Living Trinity of Life

“We have been lied to our entire existence. Told to break up and not discuss Religion, Politics, and Business at the same time. These three pillars are crucial to our living Trinity of life. Our Political Leaders should hole our Spiritual / Religious Values and we should only attempt to support businesses / institutions that align with our Values / Beliefs.

It’s not going to be easy, but we can unentangle incongruent aspects of our lives and restore this natural order of things.”

Above is a quote from Bobby Piton on a latest dream of his from “The Greatest Book Ever”: Father, Son, & Holy Spirit is literal and figurative. https://t.me/bobbypiton/1321


I’m 43 today and couldn’t be happier. I have a beautiful wife, 2 excellent children, a supporting family and actually some friends left. Thanks be to God for all of our blessings! And thank you all for your support.

Rob Just

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We specialize in providing immediate solutions to property owners facing unusual circumstances:




Inherited Properties


Homes in need of repair


No equity due to multiple liens and judgements


Title Problems






We can provide you with immediate solutions, whatever your situation might be, and close quickly. We charge no fees for our consultations, can pay a fair cash price, buy your property As-Is and close at YOUR convenience without the traditional hassles of having to get your property ready for sale.

Put Your Property on our “Available To Purchase” App Today!


We have Cash Buyers, Conventional Buyers, can purchase as-is, close quickly and in any condition! Our network of buyers are waiting for your property to appear on our App!

You can also text or call Rob Just @ (612) 7033-3814 or email: Rob@JustRealty.net