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The Foundations First Donation!

On August 29th my wife Chrissy (Dr. Stavig) ran 6 hours to raise money for FANS!

FANS stand for: Furthering Achievement Through a Network of Support. It is a college and career mentorship program for high school students, specifically working with students of color, recent immigrants, and other groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education. This was Chrissy’s 7th year running, I believe.

With the support of Just Realty and Just Solutions, WRMH was able to give $300 towards this noble cause. The Foundations very first monetary donation! God willing, the first of very many.

Because of “The Fear”, this event was “virtual”. As usual we made the best out of it, had a fun time setting up an “aid station” on our driveway, kids got to run a few laps, some family and neighbors came. Pool was open for a morning swim…

Thank you all for the support!

More about FANS can be found here: https://fansultraraces.org/AboutFANS

See here for a post on “The Fear”: https://www.wrmh.org/blogs/post/what-really-matters-here-fear-no-more

What Really Matters Here: Fear No More

The name for our Foundation; “What Really Matters Here”, originated during the beginnings of “coronavirus”, when our local leaders were canceling church, healthcare, school, jobs, our community, our actual livelihoods, and kept them canceled. Our leaders chose to destroy our livelihoods and hid the realities of What Really Matters Here with the evils of fear. From the very beginnings I tried to tell anyone I could, this message: What Really Matters Here, is more important than a virus which was clearly not harmful to the majority of our population. I quickly came to realize my own limitations, that my influence is, well, I don’t have any…

So, we started a foundation that will (God willing) never stop providing services to our community. We will help lead our community out of the fear that has encompassed it, with our good works and fearless actions. I (Rob Just) have been on the streets, in our neighbors homes, trying to help those who can no longer afford or maintain their current living conditions. We are supporting many, providing warehouse space, started a discount store, donating essential needs. Chrissy is the ultimate leader and we are all fortunate to have her in our community. She never stopped providing for us, caring for her patients, leading her clinic, portraying health and loving so many.

We can help others out of their slumber, get back to reality, and refocus on What Really Matters Here. Regain your livelihood, do not fear the evil.

As for me and my family, we started back in April, living without fear of a virus, providing an escape for others, showing hope, caring for all, supporting many, and portraying a (somewhat) healthy lifestyle. And we will continue to fear only one thing, our Lord.

Rob Just


In-Person School, In-Person Business

Science says yes to school, our “community needs” say yes to in-person help.

Below was my message to some of our school admin as a follow up to a meeting last night about a hybrid option for school this fall.*

Just Realty and WRMH is open and always ready for in-person communication… I still can’t believe our church, Mt. Olivet, isn’t open. So very sad.


This article out today is a must read on the science behind opening schools, children’s risk and teachers risk: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/07/31/politics_not_science_keeping_schools_closed_143847.html

“There is a great deal of fear generated in the media about risk to children, but the truth is that children are incredibly resistant to coronavirus. So much so that children are far more likely to die from the flu, or even just from driving to school, than from COVID-19.”

*Here is my message (I received a positive reception):

A quick follow up from last night’s presentation. Thank you all for the hard work to get our kids back in school, it is very much appreciated!
I just have this horrible feeling that our overall concern for the kids’ health is misguided. To keep this as brief as possible:
The flu kills more kids per year than covid (especially younger kids). Yet we don’t wear masks, social distance, quarantine… And, more older kids commit suicide than die of covid.
And isn’t it wonderful that the vast majority of kids do not spread covid?
These are known facts that I believe would help many, kids, parents and teachers wrap their minds around all of this. And, what better time to draw attention to these known truths? Let’s make all this hard work pay off, make it real, lay out what our real concerns should be, in order of concern: Suicide, Flu, Covid19. 
Our kids, no matter what age, need to be back in the school setting as much as possible. I’m aware that you know this. Just thought I’d try it from an angle that, for some reason or another, isn’t being discussed.
Thank you for listening, and again, for all of your hard work.


Border(s) Battle(s)

The Walz administration has managed to achieve both the highest rate of jobless claims and the highest COVID-19 death rate of any Upper Midwestern state.

This is an excerpt from “Thinking Minnesota” on What Really Matters Here in MN: Good Leadership matters, we need good leadership in our congress and Governors mansion, it has never been more evident. WRMH is in our community, helping those who need it most. Entire article is here: https://www.scribd.com/document/468482478/False-Alarm#download&from_embed

“Minnesotans often feel a keen rivalry with Wisconsin, a state with similar population size, composition and density. On May 13, that state voided its shutdown order. There was no uptick in cases or deaths. In fact, throughout the epidemic, Wisconsin has had fewer cases and deaths, including fewer deaths among long-term care residents, while conducting the same number of tests. Wisconsin demonstrates the lack of necessity for extreme shutdowns, and the ability to trust citizens to make their own decisions on their risk and how to protect themselves.

But it isn’t just Wisconsin—Minnesota has performed poorly in comparison with all five Upper Midwestern states. The Walz administration has managed to achieve both the highest rate of jobless claims and the highest COVID-19 death rate of any Upper Midwestern state. Early on in the course of the epidemic and more so with each passing week, it became apparent that there is little risk of serious illness or death to the vast majority of Minnesotans from COVID-19. By contrast, there is a signfiicant risk to the inferm elderly and others with serious medical conditions. The protection of those living in congregate care settings should not be difficult…” https://www.scribd.com/document/468482478/False-Alarm#download&from_embed
 If you would like to subscribe to Thinking Minnesota–for free!–just send an email with your name and address to info@AmericanExperiment.org.

Systemic Love!

What is your Religion?

Is your Religion real? This is an excerpt from a column today by Jason Whitlock on outkick.com. Definitely worth the quick read:

“Inside the Matrix created by Silicon Valley-controlled social-media apps, systemic racism rules the National Football League, same as it does the United States of America. In the real world created by our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, systemic evolution rules the NFL and the USA… In my (Jason Whitlock’s) columns, I repeatedly keep mentioning what defines my worldview — Christianity, my religious faith.  In the column I wrote about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, I argued that racism (an obsession with race) is America’s new religion. “


What Really Matters Here?

My (Rob Just’s) worldview is based on something real, something that is love; Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit. My Faith is in a God who emulates passion, patience, kindness, self control, love, hope. Most of our church’s may (Still!) be closed and abandoning the community they serve, but the Love of Jesus has not abandoned us. It’s all around us! We are in our community to help those who need it most.

More from Whitlock’s column today:

Football is my favorite sport. The game explains America. Difficult. Masculine. Violent. Cruel. Inclusive. Rewarding. Risky. Fair. Evolving.

Carl Peterson, the former longtime general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, was fond of saying that the only constant in football was change. Football requires and rewards evolution. So does America.

Forty-two years ago, the NFL ignored Washington quarterback Warren Moon on draft day, banishing him to start what would become a Hall of Fame career in Canada.

At its inception, football operated on a core belief that black men lacked the intellectual heft and leadership qualities necessary to play quarterback. At its inception, our country defined black people as three-fifths of a human being.

The systemic evolution that is endemic to our culture explains Barack Obama’s rise to the presidency and the $503 million contract Patrick Mahomes signed Mondayto play quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs……. https://outkick.com/patrick-mahomes-evolution-contrasts-colin-kaepernick-racism/



#WhatMattersHereMN  The work we do in our community is tough. We primarily work with people who are in a very bad spot; financial ruin, loss of a family member, divorce, job loss, medical issues… Many times hope is lost and the last thing they want to do is answer to a stranger at their door, or receive another phone call from someone trying to buy their home. They need the help, but we can’t blame them for not realizing our intentions. One of the ways we show our respect is to limit our door knocking. Today, we primarily inspect the property and leave behind a card.

My least favorite encounter prospecting turned out to be a client of ours! In the beginning stages she wouldn’t answer, left us voicemails to leave her alone, threatened us. We did respect her privacy, but also knew she needed help. After a couple months of just dropping a note at the door, we earned her respect, we became friends, talked for hours, I know her whole life story now. She even knew what “my knock” sounded like. 

Over the next couple of years we hope to leave an impression on our community so large, that the people who need our help will seek us out. These posts are just the beginning, with exciting expansions in the pipeline. I have a feeling more and more people are going to need our help this year. We will provide that help in a respectful manner. 

#WhatMattersHereMN  @RobJustRealty  JustRealty.net

Wondering how you can help? Shoot me an email: rob@JustRealty.net

Previous Week

Depression in Young Adults


This past week Just Realty sold a property on the MLS that we initially secured from a younger man who was very lonely and depressed. He was so overwhelmed with debt, a stalled career and failed familial relationships, that he just hid in his home. The day after we met, I had to get him $1,000 so he could save his car from being repossessed, told me that his car was all he had left. After we agreed to take care of his 1st and 2nd loan, the weight was lifted a little bit. So much so, that he was able to make the decision to reconnect with his Father.

In Minnesota 1 in 10 young people experience a period of major depression. There are good services available for mental health in this state, maybe start here: https://mn.gov/dhs/mental-health/, then here: https://mtolivet.org/counseling/? Partners, providers, counseling centers are a great help, yet there seems to be something missing these days, doesn’t there?

My goal is to remind our community what really matters here in Minnesota. I am doing that by highlighting issues I experience every week within our neighborhoods; debt, hope, child maltreatment, love, teen depression & mental health in young adults, new beginnings… Maybe we can find that thing that seems to be missing more and more lately?

#WhatMattersHereMN  @JustRealty  JustRealty.net

Wondering how you can help? Shoot me an email: rob@JustRealty.net

Child Maltreatment


There are an average of 3,100 “screened in” reports of Child Maltreatment each month in MN. That is according to the DHS Child Maltreatment report from 2018*. I see and help families living in very poor conditions on a weekly basis, many of them with multiple children present.

Around 2004, I helped a family for about 16 months. At that time I did what I thought was best for them, eventually I ran out of money as the housing crash hit me early, in part because of how I tried to help this family. Their very young kids usually ran around without clothes, sometimes a diaper. The parents slept until noon, drank, swore, smoked, used drugs in front of the kids. I helped the Dad get his car running, paid for car insurance, gave them money, let them live rent free for over a year, gave them various jobs to make money, even moved them into a nicer single family home that I owned. Thinking that a good example and helping hand was enough, in the end it wasn’t. Last I heard the wife was sent to jail shortly after I went broke. I’m going to find those two boys, see if they need help.

My mistakes with this situation were many. I’d like to think I learned from them, now maybe we can all learn from them? I haven’t witnessed child maltreatment like that since, but it’s there, every week we see hints of it as we are in our community. In 2018 alone there were 86,060 reports of child maltreatment.

Today, we help families in poor living conditions with their debt and distressed property. This time around, we can help on a much larger scale.

#WhatMattersHereMN  @JustRealty   JustRealty.net

Wondering how you can help? Shoot me an email: rob@JustRealty.net


*https://zurl.co/IxyO . That is according to the DHS Child Maltreatment report from 2018*.

Depression in Teens


A DHS report from 2017 listed major depression episodes as the highest amongst ages 12-17 years. According to the report, 11.9% had at least one major depressive episode in the last year. My rough estimation puts that number around 45,000 teenagers, or 3,750 per month!

We see depression every week in our community, with homeowners overwhelmed in debt and with a distressed home they can’t maintain. There always seems to be one event that tips the scale for them and the debt keeps piling on after that. We always hope that the kids in these situations are protected somehow.

We try to put a bit of weight on the other side of that scale for them, while trying to pay off ALL of their debt that’s weighing it down. In a nutshell, that’s what we do; it’s not so much about a home, it’s about the debt. We try to pay off people’s debt by leveraging the situation they are in and the future equity in their home. It’s our way of showing that we actually do care and that we are not just pretending.

I’m not entirely sure what my mindset was in High School @StCroixLutheran in WSP. I think my mind and spirit were protected and I had numerous loving people support me – thank you! It helped that I excelled at sports, but often just pretended I cared about the other stuff. Think it was freshman year when I came home one day to see our apartment emptied out, with a letter from one of our ex-step-mom’s explaining why she left. Longer story for another time… Still, don’t think that I was depressed, but maybe I just didn’t know any better? My spirit was protected somehow, always has been, still is!

I have a client who’s wife passed over a year ago, we are in the beginning stages of our relationship. Seems like a nice enough Dad, doing what he can to care for his 2 teenagers living at home and another child who comes and goes. I asked our church @MtOlivet for connections and am working with a CAP agency and DHS from Carver County, and Love Inc., to ensure they stay in the school district, help with the housing transition and supply any interim needs they have. I hope the kids are doing ok. We can help them. We care about what matters here in Minnesota.

#WhatMattersHereMN   @RobJustRealty   JustRealty.net

Wondering how you can help? Shoot me an email: rob@JustRealty.net

** https://www.health.state.mn.us/communities/injury/pubs/documents/9.12.2017MentalHealthDataBrief.pdf ** “In 2018, Minnesota was home to 1,302,615 children under age 18”. A rough estimate could pin 30% of those being teenagers, 11.9% of that is 46,500. https://mn.gov/admin/demography/data-by-topic/children-families/


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