Just Prospecting


In 2019 our prospecting team knocked on over 2,800 doors, made over 4,000 phone calls, and sent thousands of emails in support of our primary vision: To supply immediate solutions to property owners in our community who are struggling to sell, keep or maintain their property.

We have sourced hundreds of buying opportunities for investors to purchase a property directly from the seller, we add to that total on a weekly basis.

Just Solutions

Since 2003 we have been providing our community with solutions for their property. Here are some of the solutions we have for you:

Pay off your 1st lien at a time that works best for you.

Negotiate and pay off subordinate liens.

Negotiate and pay off judgments attached to title.

Avoid Probate, extra costs and time with inherited properties.

We solve difficult title solutions.

Negotiate and pay off Tax Liens.

Cash Offers, MLS, Quick Close, Partnerships…

They Sell Fast

Call, text and email Rob Just at (612) 703-3814 if you are interested in purchasing a property that is listed below. Rob@JustRealty.net


Principled & Local Since 2003.

At Just Realty we specialize in helping members of our community with their properties. Many of our neighbors struggle with unwanted properties, or properties they can no longer afford or keep up. We help by offering real, immediate solutions for them and the neighborhood they support. The majority of the time we help with the timeline of loan modification or foreclosure. Other times we help them repair, update and sell on the MLS. And sometimes we help them sell As-Is for the highest value possible.