Just Solutions


LGC is now "Just Solutions"

Since 2003 we have been providing our community with solutions for their property. Here are some of the solutions we have for you:

Pay off your 1st lien at a time that works best for you.

Negotiate and pay off subordinate liens.

Negotiate and pay off judgments attached to title.

Avoid Probate, extra costs and time with inherited properties.

We solve difficult title solutions.

Negotiate and pay off Tax Liens.

Cash Offers, MLS, Quick Close, Partnerships…


We meet with you, assess your situation and provide you with the best solutions for your immediate and long term needs.


A recent solution: 4 heirs stuck with a house filled w/ boxes and 0 equity. We gave them $4,000 to sell, let 1 sibling live free for 3 months, removed all of the personal items for free. They went from $0 and a very large mess to $4k, zero mess and avoided probate. @RobJustRealty 

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We have Cash Buyers, Conventional Buyers, can purchase as-is, close quickly and in any condition! Our network of buyers are waiting for your property to appear on our App!

You can also text or call Rob Just @ (612) 7033-3814 or email: Rob@JustRealty.net