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Science says yes to school, our “community needs” say yes to in-person help.

Below was my message to some of our school admin as a follow up to a meeting last night about a hybrid option for school this fall.*

Just Realty and WRMH is open and always ready for in-person communication… I still can’t believe our church, Mt. Olivet, isn’t open. So very sad.


This article out today is a must read on the science behind opening schools, children’s risk and teachers risk: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/07/31/politics_not_science_keeping_schools_closed_143847.html

“There is a great deal of fear generated in the media about risk to children, but the truth is that children are incredibly resistant to coronavirus. So much so that children are far more likely to die from the flu, or even just from driving to school, than from COVID-19.”

*Here is my message (I received a positive reception):

A quick follow up from last night’s presentation. Thank you all for the hard work to get our kids back in school, it is very much appreciated!
I just have this horrible feeling that our overall concern for the kids’ health is misguided. To keep this as brief as possible:
The flu kills more kids per year than covid (especially younger kids). Yet we don’t wear masks, social distance, quarantine… And, more older kids commit suicide than die of covid.
And isn’t it wonderful that the vast majority of kids do not spread covid?
These are known facts that I believe would help many, kids, parents and teachers wrap their minds around all of this. And, what better time to draw attention to these known truths? Let’s make all this hard work pay off, make it real, lay out what our real concerns should be, in order of concern: Suicide, Flu, Covid19. 
Our kids, no matter what age, need to be back in the school setting as much as possible. I’m aware that you know this. Just thought I’d try it from an angle that, for some reason or another, isn’t being discussed.
Thank you for listening, and again, for all of your hard work.