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A DHS report from 2017 listed major depression episodes as the highest amongst ages 12-17 years. According to the report, 11.9% had at least one major depressive episode in the last year. My rough estimation puts that number around 45,000 teenagers, or 3,750 per month!

We see depression every week in our community, with homeowners overwhelmed in debt and with a distressed home they can’t maintain. There always seems to be one event that tips the scale for them and the debt keeps piling on after that. We always hope that the kids in these situations are protected somehow.

We try to put a bit of weight on the other side of that scale for them, while trying to pay off ALL of their debt that’s weighing it down. In a nutshell, that’s what we do; it’s not so much about a home, it’s about the debt. We try to pay off people’s debt by leveraging the situation they are in and the future equity in their home. It’s our way of showing that we actually do care and that we are not just pretending.

I’m not entirely sure what my mindset was in High School @StCroixLutheran in WSP. I think my mind and spirit were protected and I had numerous loving people support me – thank you! It helped that I excelled at sports, but often just pretended I cared about the other stuff. Think it was freshman year when I came home one day to see our apartment emptied out, with a letter from one of our ex-step-mom’s explaining why she left. Longer story for another time… Still, don’t think that I was depressed, but maybe I just didn’t know any better? My spirit was protected somehow, always has been, still is!

I have a client who’s wife passed over a year ago, we are in the beginning stages of our relationship. Seems like a nice enough Dad, doing what he can to care for his 2 teenagers living at home and another child who comes and goes. I asked our church @MtOlivet for connections and am working with a CAP agency and DHS from Carver County, and Love Inc., to ensure they stay in the school district, help with the housing transition and supply any interim needs they have. I hope the kids are doing ok. We can help them. We care about what matters here in Minnesota.

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** https://www.health.state.mn.us/communities/injury/pubs/documents/9.12.2017MentalHealthDataBrief.pdf ** “In 2018, Minnesota was home to 1,302,615 children under age 18”. A rough estimate could pin 30% of those being teenagers, 11.9% of that is 46,500. https://mn.gov/admin/demography/data-by-topic/children-families/