#WRMH in MN 

We save people’s homes. Well, at least the equity in their homes. Most of our clients are in a financial crisis by the time they reach us. In 2018 there were 3,495 foreclosures in Minnesota.* In 2008, the peak of foreclosures here, there were around 26,000! I had one of those homes and was lucky enough to have only one.

I was blindsided by the housing crisis in 2006. One year I had a property with $400k of equity, according to the latest appraisal, the next year it was upside down and I was sleeping on a couch at a triplex in uptown. That was the same year I met my wife, turned out to be one of the best years of my life!

The average amount of debt per person keeps rising each year. Another crisis is here, again of our own doing. I am able to help many homeowners make the most out a financial crisis by leveraging the foreclosure process. Believe it or not, there is sometimes a positive to the foreclosure process. Many times we are able to pay off all of the debt attached to the homes title, giving our client a fresh start!

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