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There are an average of 3,100 “screened in” reports of Child Maltreatment each month in MN. That is according to the DHS Child Maltreatment report from 2018*. I see and help families living in very poor conditions on a weekly basis, many of them with multiple children present.

Around 2004, I helped a family for about 16 months. At that time I did what I thought was best for them, eventually I ran out of money as the housing crash hit me early, in part because of how I tried to help this family. Their very young kids usually ran around without clothes, sometimes a diaper. The parents slept until noon, drank, swore, smoked, used drugs in front of the kids. I helped the Dad get his car running, paid for car insurance, gave them money, let them live rent free for over a year, gave them various jobs to make money, even moved them into a nicer single family home that I owned. Thinking that a good example and helping hand was enough, in the end it wasn’t. Last I heard the wife was sent to jail shortly after I went broke. I’m going to find those two boys, see if they need help.

My mistakes with this situation were many. I’d like to think I learned from them, now maybe we can all learn from them? I haven’t witnessed child maltreatment like that since, but it’s there, every week we see hints of it as we are in our community. In 2018 alone there were 86,060 reports of child maltreatment.

Today, we help families in poor living conditions with their debt and distressed property. This time around, we can help on a much larger scale.

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*https://zurl.co/IxyO . That is according to the DHS Child Maltreatment report from 2018*.