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About Plymouth

>  Plymouth

Plymouth has built a national reputation as a thriving community offering an excellent quality of life. Its lakes and rolling terrain provide the backdrop for a blend of well-planned residential, business and commercial-industrial areas. Citizens and community leaders have placed a high priority on establishing a first-rate park system, interconnecting trails and diverse recreation facilities.

Nationally recognized for its quality of life, Plymouth is located just 12 miles northwest of Minneapolis. It offers: Extensive trails and parks, picturesque open spaces, strong neighborhoods, diverse recreation programs, highly regarded school districts, a variety of local businesses, nearby shopping and entertainment districts, easy access to downtown Minneapolis and its wide array of cultural and sports venues.

>  Residents       Events Calendar       School District Serving Plymouth

Plymouth residents are served by four highly regarded public school districts, listed below, in order of population served.


>  Wayzata School District

The Wayzata School District Area serves the western and southern area of Plymouth, please navigate to our LG Wayzata Neighborhood for more information.

>  Robbinsdale School District

The Robbinsdale School District Area serves the eastern area of Plymouth. Below are Community and Event links for the other six communities within the Robbinsdale School District.

>  Brooklyn Center       Residents       Events Calendar

>  Brooklyn Park       Residents       Events Calendar

Brooklyn Park residents selling their home are no longer required to obtain a Point of Sale (POS) Housing Inspection.

>  Crytal       Residents       Events Calendar

>  Golden Valley       Residents       Events Calendar

  >  The City of Golden Valley City requires all properties to have a sanitary sewer inspection before they are advertised for sale.

>  New Hope      Residents       Events Calendar

>  Robbinsdale     Residents       Events Calendar

   >  Point of Sale Inspections

>  Osseo School District

>  Hopkins School District

The Hopkins School District Area serves the south east corner of Plymouth. Please navigate to our LG Hopkins Neighborhood for information.