How To Help Your Neighbor

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– Learn How We Help Your Neighbor

– Learn How You Can Help Your Neighbor

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How We Help Our Community

Our sole Mission is to help as many people as possible who are in a Distressed Property situation. By mapping and posting Distressed Property, we are drawing awareness to the large number of owners who are in Distressed Property and are facing Foreclosure (Pre-Foreclosure) or are In Foreclosure.


So many of our neighbors are in a challenging financial situation, we want to help you and do what is best for you.

How Can You Help?

If you are an Owner in a Distressed Property state, you can help!

If you want to help Owners who are in a Distressed State, you can help!

I'm in a Distressed Property, How Can I Help?


We are bringing awareness to the large amount of owners who are in a Distressed Property. So many have lost hope, we are trying to restore hope to you. 

We know, you aren’t familiar with navigating your specific situation, you are hounded with letters from unknown people who want to “help” by buying your property, endless phone calls, knocks on your door… 


Here is what you can do:

Attack your situation, don’t ignore it. 

Tell us your story, we are here to listen and learn from your situation.

Come over to our house for a meal, or we can meet at your favorite location.

Once you hear your options from us, you will know who to trust

I Have a Neighbor in a Distressed Property, How Can I Help?

We believe awareness is a key element. Most neighbors who are in a tough spot seem to hide, rather than seek out help from neighbors. 

We think our “Exclusive Property” app can change that. We have hundreds of Distressed Properties in our Database, it’s everywhere. 

Your neighbor is not alone. 

How can you help your neighbor? They need to attack the problem, not hide from it. Believe it or not, most can get out of their situation with minimal to no debt, they just need the trustworthy resource. 

Chrissy and I are that trustworthy resource… 

Let Us Help You!

We earn the trust of everyone we work with because we are honest and sincerely want to help.

Our sole Mission is to help as many people as possible who are in a Distressed Property situation.

We have the experience and the solutions that are best for you:

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And you!


Distressed Property is a general term for Real Property that has a defect to its physical appearance or a defect to the Property’s Title.

The majority of the Properties listed in our “Exclusive Property” app have a defect to their Title and that defect is a delinquency in payments to a lender on Title. Below is a typical timeline of a Distressed Property facing Foreclosure, with definitions:

Notice of Default (NOD)

This is a notice given to the Property Owner, and is publicly advertised, that a payment has not been made to the lender for more than 4 months.

Once a Notice of Default is publicized, the Property is in a Distressed Stage called Pre-Foreclosure.


During this stage, the homeowner typically has 5+ weeks before the scheduled Sheriff’s Sale to address their delinquent payments with the Foreclosing Lender. Solutions include; paying the Amount Due to the lender, thus cancelling the Sheriff’s Sale, sell the lien to someone like me, or postpone the Sheriff’s Sale.

During “Covid”, the majority of owners were able to postpone the Sheriff’s Sale multiple times and/or add the delinquent amount due towards their principal.

Sheriff's Sale

Within the NOD is a scheduled Sale Date where the Owner, Lender or General Public has the opportunity to purchase the home at the Sheriff’s Auction.

After the Sheriff’s Sale takes place, in Minnesota, the Owner still has 6 months to redeem the loan. This is called The Redemption Period.

In Foreclosure

When a Property in Minnesota is “In Foreclosure” it is in the The Redemption Period Stage. 

Redemption Period

The period between the Sheriff’s Sale and the point of no return. This is typically a 6 month period where the owner can pay the full amount due to the Lender and keep the house. 

After the Sheriff’s Sale takes place, the owner can only pay the Lender the full amount due on the loan (not the past amount due as in the Pre-Foreclosure Stage).

If the Owner cannot pay the full amount due, the Lender will retake possession of the property and the owner will be expected to vacate on the last day of the Redemption Period

What's Next?

Hopefully we are able to help the Owner previous to the Sheriff’s Sale.

We have many options and sound advice for people in a Distressed Stage. We do what is best for the owner. 

Sometimes, it’s best for the owner to sell the lien to us. If that is the case it is usually because the sale will help eliminate more delinquent debt and give the owner a new start.

I know more about Real Estate, debt, and related liens (and how to erase them in some instances) than 99% of the Realtors in our area.